We have received gravely concerning testimonies from learners, caregivers, educators and SGB members about the dire hardship faced by children across the country in the absence of the NSNP. The following statements demonstrate the severity of suffering, these are the testimonies featured on Maverick Citizen’s spotlight on child hunger – follow the links below


“There is no school feeding”


“They are too poor to eat”


“My family fights a lot over bread”


“Our Lives are difficult”


“we do not have enough food”


“I am forced to watch other learners eat”


“some of the learners don’t even have parents”


“sometimes I get stressed and frustrated”


 “It is difficult to concentrate on an empty stomach”


“For the duration of May we had no food at home”


“I will collect food from school if it was an option”


“They come to school not having bathed or eaten”