25 May 2021

EELC statement: Update on the fact-finding process by the Equal Education Law Centre into the tragic drowning of Avethandwa Nokhangela

The Equal Education Law Centre (EELC) conducted a fact-finding process into the circumstances surrounding the tragic drowning of Avethandwa Nokhangela at an Equal Education (EE) camp in the Eastern Cape. In doing so we interviewed several of the EE learner members and staff who were present at the leadership camp.

We have worked as quickly as possible to conclude the fact-finding process bearing in mind the need to consider the availability of EE’s learner members after school hours. We concluded interviews with learners whose accounts were crucial to the fact-finding process over the last weekend. By the end of this week, our fact-finding process will be concluded. Observations contained in EELC’s reports will be considered through an independent process set up by Equal Education for investigations, findings and recommendations to be made.

Due to our ethical obligations as lawyers and in order to ensure the integrity of the process, we are unable to disclose the contents of any of the interviews conducted or evidence that has been gathered.





For any media queries:

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