Movement Lawyering

The EELC provides support for campaigns led by members of our sister organisation, Equal Education (EE), around the country. Through collaboration, EE and the EELC work to address systematic inequalities in the South African education system and to coordinate strategies, advocacy and action to bring about sustained change. EELC lawyers are activists and remain actively engaged in the struggles of EE, and are on hand to provide legal materials, and strategic litigation to advance the movement equality and quality education.


Community Lawyering

The EELC provides a walk-in clinic, offering legal support to individuals and communities where learners’ rights are prejudiced. In addition, the Centre acts as a source of referral for EE members and supporters who encounter prejudicial or otherwise unlawful conduct in their schools. Through its clinic, EELC’s lawyers provide legal support, litigation and, where necessary, on the ground interventions to assist marginalised learners and community members in realising the rights to equality, dignity and education.


Legal Research and Advocacy

Our activist lawyers use research and advocacy to advance the right of access to education. The EELC advocates for legal and policy development in the education sector, including submissions to relevant government institutions, conducting legal and policy research related to our objectives and where possible, assisting communities, community-based organisations and other institutions in formulating their own policy and legal perspectives.

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