In January 2016, parents, teachers and learners in Atlantis protested against the intolerably dilapidated and unsafe state of infrastructure at Avondale Primary School. In frustration, parents locked the gates of Avondale Primary and blocked access to the school to highlight their concerns.

EELC attorneys attended community hall meetings and highlighted that, for all stakeholders, the driving concern must be the best interests of the young learners. After significant community engagement, the WCED committed to:

– Providing 2 mobile classrooms that can be used as a temporary measure at the school.
– Providing funds for emergency maintenance to ensure the current building is made safe for occupation.
– Funding has been approved for a replacement school in the 2016/17 financial year with the process starting in April 2016.

There are too many schools across the country that have structures which pose a risk to life and limb of children and teachers. Equal Education and EELC are working towards holding government to account – #FixOurSchools!