Fee Exemptions: The Kern Matter

Hilde Kern v HOD: Western Cape Education Department and Four Others On 11 April 2016, the EELC filed papers in the Western Cape High Court on behalf of Mrs Hilde Kern, asking the court to review [...]

Unsafe school structures: Atlantis

In January 2016, parents, teachers and learners in Atlantis protested against the intolerably dilapidated and unsafe state of infrastructure at Avondale Primary School. In frustration, parents [...]

Safety and Security in Schools

The case of Manenberg schools Historically, the Cape Flats township of Manenberg has been plagued by gang-related violence. In 2013, EELC joined a coalition of civil society organisations that [...]

Prejudicial Disciplinary Processes

Nathan Savage and Others V MEC, Western Cape Education Department and Others In August 2013, Mr Nathan Savage, whose son had tested positive for marijuana at Pinelands High School, contacted the [...]

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