Equal Education and the Equal Education Law Centre are deeply saddened by the passing of George Bizos.

George Bizos was a valiant defender of human rights in our country to whom much is owed, who dedicated his life to fighting injustice.

He will remain a leading light for generations of young lawyers and human rights activists in our country. We must fiercely guard his legacy which was built on an unfettering and unwavering commitment to social justice.

As George Bizos once said: ‘The constitution and I have a long friendship.. As with all friendships, I have defended it, I have challenged it, and I have tested its limits and bounds. However, to this day, I continue to stand by it and believe in the potential it holds….Come what may, let us never lose sight of the road we have travelled to enjoy this freedom, and the hope that we continue for the full realisation of our constitutional ideals’.

Our struggle will continue to be fought in line with the values that the People’s Lawyer lived for.

A true giant has left us!

Rest in power!